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Explore our range of innovative tools and interactive visualizations that help communities solve real-world problems using data-driven decisions.

ICT tools for transparency, accountability and citizen engagement in local governments
Explore how Nepal's hydropower (potential and actual) have evolved over time
Pokhara Mapbook
Printed maps of Pokhara showing critical infrastructures
C2M2 Mongolia Mobile App
You can find the health care you need using this mobile app, and you can add and improve any health care information.
Mapping Schools and Hospitals
The first map showing 3000+ schools and health facilities in Kathmandu valley
Prepare Pokhara - 2C (Secondary Cities)
Critical infrastructures visualization of the second largest city in Nepal
Ncell Dashboard
How it helped build Temporary Learning Centers after the 2015 Earthquake
Cities’ COVID-19 Mitigation Planning
Helping tourism stakeholders expedite the revival of tourism and restoration of the livelihoods associated with it.
Jaibik Map
How will climate change affect animal habitat and migration?


Check out our collection of videos showcasing how our products are being used to make a difference in communities.

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